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As a novice decorator, it's hard to avoid stumbling when decorating. It seems a little difficult to achieve a good, fast and cost-effective decoration, but knowledge is power. If you want to save money, if you master these tips, everything is possible! Now let's learn

as a novice in decoration, it's hard to avoid stumbling during decoration. It seems a little difficult to achieve good, fast and cost-effective decoration, but knowledge is power. If you want to save money, everything is possible if you master these tips! Now let's learn

12 tricks:

1. Walls and roofs use different brands of emulsion paint, such as Dulux five in one on the wall and Nippon matte paint on the top. This will not only save about 10 yuan per square meter, but also achieve better results

2. If the ceiling is purely decorative, it can be completely cancelled and replaced with a geometric shape composed of several wooden wires or personalized lights. If it is a functional ceiling, you can consider making a flat top. The flat top price is low, especially if you choose a modern or Nordic style

3. If you can replace a certain shape with a hanging picture, cancel it, because the picture can be changed

4. If you can buy suitable furniture in the future, try not to make furniture (carpentry is the most expensive, and it is not cheap to make furniture)

5. Use simple lines and colors to create effects, such as narrow wooden strips or metal strips. And don't make background walls that are complex and time-consuming, and the effect is not necessarily good

6. If the wiring is not needed immediately, it can be cancelled. Some people think about networking in the future when they only have one computer at present. In fact, they can use the wireless network in the future. A wireless network card is now about 1000 yuan, and it may be 200 when you buy it. Another example is the telephone. Do you really need so many telephones? Or you can use a cordless phone

7. Home is not a showroom, so don't consider installing a lot of lights, just enough

8. Use oil mixture instead of varnish. Mixing oil is not only cheaper, but also rich in color, which can make a refreshing effect

9. When buying flooring, you should choose a well-known brand, but you may not choose its latest products. Because big companies make money by constantly launching new products, and the profits of new products are the largest. The key is that when you install the latest products, they will no longer be the latest, which is the same as buying computers. If we grasp this aspect well, the floor can save half of the money

10. Be alert to the so-called imported hardware and faucets. Because there are few real imported parts, don't buy cheap goods with very expensive money. The principle is to judge from its brand awareness and craftsmanship, regardless of where it is produced

11. Maintain that each room has only oneortwo bright spots. Everyone “ Enjoy ” Let's live with a man with ten gold rings in his hands and a woman with jewelry all over her body

12. Try to use color instead of shape to achieve the goal. In addition, if the new project exceeds the budget range, you must find the corresponding deduction. Otherwise, maintain the original design

6 easy overspending projects:

1. Modeling: the prices of many background walls and porch modeling are calculated according to the actual quantities. If they are not well controlled, the budget in this area will be overspent

2. Water and electricity: basically, the water and electricity transformation of all companies is calculated according to the final actual use. As water and electricity is a concealed project, consumers do not know how many materials are actually used. So. When planning the hydropower project, the designer should draw the possible route according to the drawing, and determine the construction length of the hydropower pipeline according to the on-site measurement of the drawing, and write it into the contract

3. Wall base: in many decoration contracts, the wall treatment only counts puttying and painting, but does not count the wages of pasting kraft paper, crack proof cloth, polishing, shoveling the wall skin, finding internal and external corners, etc., so when signing the contract, I thought that the wall only needed to spend so much money, but in the final accounting, it was much more. In addition, the wall treatment area in many contracts is also “ Actual quantities ” Many people don't know whether the settlement is more or less in the end

4. Making cabinets on site: in the contract, there is only the price of making cabinets, but in real construction, if the cabinets do not reach the top, it is generally necessary to use gypsum board to close the gap between the top of the cabinet and the ceiling of the house; Some door frames are uneven from top to bottom, left to right, the door opening is too high, and a part of the door opening needs to be sealed. There are no buttresses on the side of the door opening to install door pocket lines, which all need to be transformed with wood strips, gypsum boards, etc. These are generally not written in the contract, but during construction, in order to have a good visual effect, the owner must do it, resulting in increased costs

5. Hardware: the use rate of sliding door rails, some customized cabinet handles, hinges, cabinet baskets and other accessories is very high, and the quality must be qualified. In addition, it is required that the furniture customized by the decoration company must include these accessories, and choose brand products

6. Windowsill surface: now many windows are large bay windows, and the choice of windowsill surface is diverse. Marble, wood, etc. need to be purchased separately. You can use the remaining ceramic tiles and wooden floors in your home to lay, so as to reduce unnecessary waste

Editor's summary: have you mastered these 12 tricks? Children's shoes ready for decoration may wish to study it carefully in combination with their own decoration budget! Money is saved from details. All kinds of details together, you will save a huge sum of money! For more information, please pay attention





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