Water and electricity decoration diary of the seco

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What do you fear most in summer? It's neither wind nor rain nor high temperature. What I fear most is power failure! Think about the feeling of sudden power failure in the hot dog days. The TV can't be watched, the air conditioner can't be turned on, the computer can't be used, and the mobile phone can't be charged. The food in the refrigerator must be quickly destroyed. In this era of increasingly relying on electricity, the renovation of water and electricity must be done carefully during the decoration, if you don't want to feel the taste of power failure in summer

house information: 120 ㎡

decoration style: Northern European IKEA

decoration method: half package

community: Baihe Huafu

decoration progress: Hydropower transformation

decoration duration: 17 days

May 22, 2015

from April 30 to May 22, after 22 days, the demolition is finally completed, and hydropower has finally entered the site! For such a long time, I can't roast. It is said that our demolition workers are not the same. My neighbor told me that he came twice and saw different people. Forget it, forget it. At such an important moment when water and electricity enter the site, of course, I need my husband to support me! Let my husband take a day off to stay in the house. In the morning, the project manager and the designer came together to determine the location of the switch and socket. In the afternoon, the supervisor went to the house and checked the water and electricity materials together. There was no problem. The 4 square line will be sent back in two days

May 22, 2015

electricians live in my house. The construction period is seven to eight days. It feels so long! But it's good to work carefully! When I went to the house in the afternoon, the electrician actually stepped on the water and electricity pipe to work. At first, I was quite worried. Later, my husband said that the supervisor said that if the station broke, there was a material problem. Well, I believe electricians are experienced! Anyway, it's finished! I feel that the decoration is finally about to begin

May 23rd, 2015

the air duct machine with full expectation is finally about to be installed! This is the first time for me to realize that the decoration plan can't keep up with the changes, and all kinds of accidents happen. It's also the first time for me to feel the horror of decoration. Our house is an old house in 2004. At that time, the air conditioning hole was under the wall, but now the installation of air duct machine needs to go above the wall! Moreover, the wall above the wall leading from the balcony to the outside is parallel to the external bay window platform, so it is not easy to punch holes. Just how to punch holes has been studied for more than an hour

when I was in a dilemma and didn't know how to deal with it, the aunt downstairs came! She told me that 2403 users also installed air duct machines, which made oblique holes at the place where the balcony led to the outside. She asked me to insist on doing this, saying that this is the most economical, the best place for the host, and the best place to hide the pipe on the ceiling! Supported by the fact of having an aunt, my husband and I insisted on going to the top of the pipe and drilling oblique holes through the pipe





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