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On September 28, 2017, the 22nd anniversary celebration of yaodonghua with the theme of "smart sailing" was grandly held at the company headquarters

22 years of forge ahead, 22 years of hard work, yaodonghua has gone through 22 glorious years. 22 years is a kind of precipitation that has experienced the test of wind and frost. 22 years is a kind of consolidation of the solid foundation of the enterprise. 22 years has witnessed yesterday's ups and downs. 22 years has yielded today's fruitful results. 22 years, I look forward to a brighter tomorrow! On September 28, 2017, the 22nd anniversary celebration of yaodonghua with the theme of "smart sailing" was grandly held at the company headquarters! "Smart ・ sail" means that yaodonghua home decoration + smart cross-border integration has successfully transformed from a traditional plate manufacturing enterprise to a smart home decoration integrated service operator

after 22 years of accumulation, yaodonghua has been brave and self-improvement all the way. At present, the company has more than 30 full-automatic production lines, more than 500 employees, developed and stably produced more than 400 varieties, with an annual sales growth rate of more than 30%, participated in the preparation and revision of 25 national industry standards, and obtained 22 patented technologies. The products are widely used in customized furniture, home housing decoration, public building decoration, intelligent decoration and other fields

yaodonghua senior management took a collective photo at the sign in wall

Mr. Zeng Minhua, chairman of yaodonghua

Ms. Wu Huiyi, vice chairman of yaodonghua

Mr. Xiang min, senior consultant of yaodonghua

dealer representative

yaodonghua anniversary sign in wall

as soon as the celebration began, the hosts Dong Rui and Li Jian showed everyone the "major events" of yaodonghua in 2017. In the past year, we are growing at an amazing speed. We are not only a simple plate manufacturer, but also an intelligent home decoration integration service operator, but also a technology authority in the industry

2017 event

the red cotton brand has made a strong landing on CCTV

the red cotton experience Pavilion is blooming all over the country Rapid development

the new product launch of red cotton environmental protection board and smart board was successfully held in Guangzhou

the red cotton smart board has been identified by the China Forestry Industry Association to reach the "international advanced level"

participated in the preparation technology of wood conductive functional materials

participated in the pre-approval of the national standard "evaluation of green products, wood-based panels and wooden floors"

Guangzhou accessories exhibition, wardrobe exhibition CCPIT successfully participated in the exhibition

red cotton smart board. The third China Smart Home Industry Development Summit Forum 2017 was successfully held

yaodonghua won the "vice president unit of Foshan high tech Industry Association"


enterprise employees sang the chorus of "red cotton yaodonghua"

as the lyrics say: "Sing the song of red cotton, offer red cotton sincerity, keep improving, win-win cooperation, do it well with heart, achieve good results forever, let the dream of the decoration industry achieve healthy wings..." Yaodong Chinese keep improving the quality of red cotton brand, cooperate with customers for win-win results, do a good job in products with heart, develop with employees for win-win results, and never forget their responsibility, that is, we must bring "green and environmental friendly" good products to consumers, Make people's lives healthier, lead the benign and orderly development of the entire home decoration industry, and promote national brands to the world

Mr. Zeng Minhua, chairman of yaodonghua, delivered a speech

in his speech, Zeng Donghua said: with the growing external market, more and more customer demand, more and more orders, our volume of yaodonghua is growing rapidly. This is a happy thing. However, with the rapid growth, our product updates, marketing methods, management models and related supporting services also need to be improved. Although we have surpassed ourselves in the past year, and our sales have increased by more than 30% compared with the previous year, there is still a big gap from the company's goal. I hope you will continue to work hard to achieve the new goal in the coming year. Finally, Mr. Zeng expressed his heartfelt thanks to all yaodonghua people for their hard work in the past year

at the anniversary celebration, the company gave a grand commendation and award to the 2017 marketing elites and project teams

board sales department Wei Xinguang and Yi Yongjian won the "business compliance Award"

board sales department Li Yuanwen, Huang Aihua, Du Jingge and Liu Fang won the "business compliance Award"

foreign trade department Wu Xuesong, Li Jian, Zhu Liqin and Yan Weichao won the "business compliance Award"

channel department Cai Yihu, Cheng Wenwen, pan Wenjie, Tan Minhang and Zhi Zhonghong won the "business compliance Award"

Dazhuan Bay marketing department Liang wuhui, Ling Dongmei, Luo Xianping Liang Jinjian won the "business compliance Award"

Wensi of the channel department won the "personal sales champion"

Liang Jinjian and Liu Fang of the board sales department won the "newcomer Progress Award"

the great turn marketing department won the "team sales champion"

Hu shuofei of the product research and development department and Tan yanxinrong won the "patent award"

yaodonghua attaches great importance to technological innovation and the protection of intellectual property rights. So far, it has participated in the preparation and revision of 25 national industry standards, 22 patented technologies have been obtained. In the past year, the red cotton smart board successfully developed by the company won the 2016 national utility model patent, was selected into the smart clothing industry white paper, and was identified as "international advanced level". In addition, the company also won the "an indoor wall panel installation system and its installation method", "a paper method of fireproof and waterproof decorative panels" "A production method of impregnated adhesive film paper with low formaldehyde emission", "a manufacturing process of environmental friendly impregnated adhesive film paper decorative fiberboard", "a test device for the bearing capacity of wooden hanging board for display", "a manufacturing method of anti surface cracking synchronous decorative plywood", and many other patents

In 2017, the company participated in the preparation and revision of national industrial standards such as ly/t 2555-2015, unsaturated polyester resin decorative wood-based panels, ly/t 2559-2015 professional paper for wood-based panel finishes, and green product evaluation of wood-based panels and wooden floors. The company rewarded the project members who participated in the formulation of standards. Project members: Wu Huijuan, Kuang Yuehua, Zhang Shicheng, Dong Rui, Chen Zhixin, Xu Xiangqing, Tan Yanxin, Li Weisen, Tian Liangyuan, Hu shuofei

the project team that won the "Project Application Award" won the honorary titles recognized by the government in 2016, such as high-tech enterprise, Foshan enterprise technology center, Guangdong engineering research and development center, Foshan engineering research and development center, technological innovation award, post technological innovation award, etc. Since 2017, the company has applied for a series of projects such as national forestry standard demonstration enterprise, national forestry product innovation award, Guangdong Provincial Forestry leading enterprise, high-tech products, etc. The members who participated in the project declaration contributed a lot! The project members are: Wu Huijuan, Ding Jianyi, Hu shuofei, Tan Yanxin, Liang Guilan, Li Chunjing

display of the team style of the three centers

general manager Guo of the marketing center led the marketing soldiers to beat gongs and drums. Passionate and exciting drums fell into people's hearts, arousing our boiling anger. The future yaodonghua will be more prosperous and beautiful

general manager Kuang of the manufacturing center led the technical backbone to show the team. The passionate, happy and warm drums won warm applause from the audience

general manager Wu of the transportation management center led the team to show their creativity. Women are no match for men. They are passionate and vigorous

Mr. Zeng Minhua, chairman of yaodonghua, and Ms. Wu Huiyi, vice chairman of yaodonghua, led the company's executives to toast, cut cakes, and celebrate their 22nd birthday with yaodonghua!! Wish yaodonghua better and better on the road of smart home decoration

in the past 22 years, we have been constantly striving for self-improvement, carrying things with integrity, fearing no difficulties, and gathering strength for win-win results

in the future, there are more 22 years. Let's work together and set sail

during the dinner, all employees gathered together to share a rich seafood buffet dinner. We take turns to toast chairman Zeng and Chairman Wu, and thank yaodonghua for providing a free and broad career development platform. We have learned a lot of knowledge and experience in yaodonghua that we haven't learned before, which will be a valuable asset in life

yaodonghua family sharing seafood buffet dinner

Yaodong Chinese send their 22nd birthday greetings with a bright smile

this is a beautiful night. Yaodong Chinese have witnessed yaodonghua's twenty-two years of hard work and progress with a bright smile. They have also witnessed yaodonghua's fruitful achievements. Looking forward to the future, there are bright prospects and unlimited opportunities. We will be ambitious, go all out and redevelop our ambitions




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