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The three advantages of mold prevention, sterilization and methanol resistance are integrated, which is the new product of Yulan, "simple European style". Wall decoration, which accounts for more than 70% of the overall decoration area in family decoration, has attracted much attention with people's attention to environmental issues in the past two years

wallpapers with both decorative and environmental protection functions are favored by consumers. Yulan's new product "simple European style" has three advantages of mold prevention, sterilization and methanol resistance, opening the era of environmental Wallpapers 2.0. In family decoration, wall decoration accounts for more than 70% of the overall decoration area, and plays an extraordinary role in the overall decoration effect and the living environment, which is the focus of family decoration

"simple European style" functional wallpaper

Magnolia's new "simple European style" wallpaper still continues Magnolia's years of environmental protection and fashion ideas, adopts the world's leading wallpaper production process and technology, innovatively integrates the advanced processes of Germany and Japan, and integrates the triple effects of mold prevention, antibacterial and formaldehyde removal

on the premise of high quality, the "simple European style" series of wallpapers are bold and innovative, and the secondary use of two-way gradient technology makes the overall picture layered, transition natural, prominent design center, forming a unique visual focus effect

perfect integration of simplicity and luxury

the design source of the series of wallpaper of "simple European style" comes from the simple and luxurious style of Italy. The design team perfectly integrates the high-end and atmospheric patterns with elegant and noble colors, coupled with soft flash film and light and shadow effects, giving it the soul of luxury, dignity and style. The wallpaper designer of the series of "simple European style" has beautifully interpreted the classical meaning of Italy, and combined the classical elements with neutral and thick colors to create a rich stroke of the luxurious and elegant European royal family. Create a style suitable for classical home and simple home decoration

Magnolia Wallpapers R & D issues environmental protection wallpapers with three functions of mold prevention, antibacterial and formaldehyde elimination, reflecting its intention to care for every consumer's home life. If you choose environmental protection, you should choose simple European style




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