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How to choose shower room? With the improvement of people's living standards, shower rooms have entered the lives of thousands of families. So how to choose qualified shower rooms? Let's take Jiafeng shower room as an example to introduce the problems needing attention in choosing shower room. Let's learn about it

how to choose shower room? With the improvement of people's living standards, shower rooms have entered the lives of thousands of families. So how to choose qualified shower rooms? Let's take Jiafeng shower room as an example to introduce the problems needing attention in choosing shower room. Let's learn about it

Jiafeng shower room teaches you to choose qualified shower room

quality requirements of shower room:

1 Glass

glass is divided into ordinary glass, semi tempered glass and fully tempered glass. In the choice of shower room glass, in order to ensure the safety of consumers when using, we must strictly use fully toughened glass. Tempered glass also has many differences. First of all, the equipment, technology, process, management and other aspects of the original glass factory depend on the quality of the glass. Glass flakes are smelted from silicate. If the equipment, technology and process of the glass flake factory are not qualified, the produced glass flakes will have bubbles, pinholes, black spots, white spots and fog. Among all domestic glass wafer processing plants, only Shanghai yaopi company and Shenzhen Nanfang glass factory have the most advanced production equipment and technology. The glass wafer produced by them has less impurities and good permeability, and is supplied to automobile manufacturers such as Audi and Guangzhou Honda

in addition, the equipment, technology, management, etc. of the tempering plant are required to be excellent in the process of tempering the original glass. The best temperature of the tempering furnace in the heating process is about 695 degrees. A high temperature will make the glass weak and fragile, and a low temperature will make the broken particles of the glass uneven, even large and sharp, leaving potential safety hazards. The national standard of tempered glass is 50-times; Area of 50 ≥ 40 pills. Now, many shower room manufacturers who do not pursue quality choose some manufacturers of architectural glass or manufacturers with poor quality in order to control costs. Due to the limitations of equipment and scale, how can we talk about quality. Low grade shower rooms generally use architectural incomplete tempered glass, so the purity of the glass is low, there are small pinhole like black spots, bubbles and other shortcomings on the surface, and the permeability is not high. In addition, the tempering coefficient of the glass is also very low, the tempering is uneven, and the appreciation has sharp corners, every 50 & times; The area of 50 is less than 40 particles, leaving potential safety hazards, so when distinguishing, wipe the glass with a newspaper. Careful observation with the naked eye will find that the above defects remain on the low-end shower room

2. Aluminum alloy

aluminum is a metal element extracted from aluminum ore. Canada is the best producer of aluminum ore in the world, followed by China and Australia. There are many production bases of aluminum ore in China, such as Guizhou, Shanxi, Gansu, etc., among which the best is the aluminum ore in Guizhou. Zhongshan aluminum in Guangdong Province is made of aluminum ingots from Guizhou in China combined with aluminum ingots from Australia - commonly known as Zhongshan aluminum. Zhongshan aluminum has a high reputation in the aluminum industry, belongs to industrial grade aluminum, and is a national inspection free product. In Nanhai, Foshan, Guangdong Province, a large number of aluminum materials for construction are produced. This kind of aluminum materials are mostly processed with low-cost aluminum ingots, and even recycled waste aluminum materials are used for the second processing. It is called copying aluminum, which is widely used in door and window frames. Some low-end shower room manufacturers use this kind of aluminum materials as shower rooms in order to reduce costs

method of comparing aluminum materials: if the quality is poor, check whether there are color differences, lines and trachoma from the surface treatment; Check whether the aluminum cut is glossy, flat and burr free. The good aluminum cut is glossy, flat and burr free. On the contrary, it is low-grade aluminum. If you pinch it hard, it will soften; Hang the weight of the whole body on the beam of the shower room to prove the bearing capacity

3. Pulley

pulley is the top priority in the push-pull shower room. Only the pulley with reasonable structure and good material can ensure the service life of the shower room and the use safety of consumers. Some high-end shower rooms adopt double pulley trapezoid with V-shaped track design. The V-shaped track design is not easy to wear, without virtual position and shaking

the pulleys used in the low gear shower room are generally:

a, carbon steel pulleys &mdash& mdash; This kind of pulley is easy to rust, fragile and corrosive. The bearing part of the pulley is black and the outside is covered with white glue

b, zinc alloy pulley &mdash& mdash; This material is also easy to rust, brittle and easy to fracture, and the black glue wrapped outside the pulley is easy to fall off during friction

c, rubber coated pulley design of copper shaft &mdash& mdash; This kind of pulley is the most common. The middle part is yellow copper, with steel balls clamped inside, and the outside is white PVC material. Copper and steel balls are easily worn by friction with plastic. The gap between the pulley is large, and dust is easy to enter and block the steel balls, causing the rubber coating to fall off and the pulley to be damaged

4. Look at the overall structure and hardware of the shower room

some high-end shower rooms pay great attention to the waterproof design and adjustment function design of the shower room in terms of structure. If it has the function of adjusting the vertical and horizontal direction of the connecting wall position, it can correct the deviation caused by cement workers and installers. Stainless steel fittings are mostly used in high-end shower room hardware accessories, among which 304 hand polished stainless steel is the best

some common problems of low-end shower rooms are as follows:

a. the track design adopts a 90 degree U-shaped design, and the bottom track is also a U-shaped groove design, which is easy to accumulate dust and hair, and wear the pulley

b, there is no fore-and-aft adjustment function, and the deviation of the cement worker cannot be corrected. The effect of the installation of the shower room is not good. The glass is easy to self explode under the transverse torque, and the pulley is also easy to wear

c, all accessories are mostly low-cost aluminum alloy accessories and zinc alloy accessories, and even plastic ones are used as support parts, which are not only insufficient in strength, but also easy to wear and tear, and fragile

d. there are many burrs, unevenness and overall roughness at the joints of aluminum materials

5. Adhesive strip and its sealing performance

the quality of adhesive strip depends on the quality of raw materials and the control of processing technology. At present, the best adhesive strip in domestic shower rooms is PVC adhesive strip, which is suitable for both cold winter and hot summer. Its weather resistance, aging resistance and other properties exceed the industry standards. Now good shower rooms are equipped with soft edge adhesive strips on the edge of aluminum materials, so as to reduce the use of glass adhesive and achieve good sealing at the same time

some low-end shower rooms do not have a good design in the treatment of the water retaining rubber strip at the bottom of the door, and water leakage often occurs. In addition, the swing door designed by some low-end shower room manufacturers adopts spring hinges, and the hinge part needs to be treated by cutting the rubber strip, resulting in the rubber strip is not a whole from top to bottom, and the hinge part has serious water leakage. In short, the door sealing magnetic strips and sealant strips used in low-grade shower rooms have poor quality and process, poor permeability, many impurities, easy aging and fracture, and short service life

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