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As a new chemical material, compared with metal, glass fiber has a series of characteristics, such as high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength, light specific gravity, low moisture absorption, small extension, electrical insulation and high cost performance. It has good energy saving and consumption reduction effect, strong substitutability and no obvious periodicity. Due to the above characteristics, glass fiber is widely used in various fields of the national economy, including construction, transportation, electronic communication, oil and gas pipelines, aerospace, wind power and other fields

although the glass fiber industry fluctuates, as a new chemical material, its anti cyclicity is much higher than that of other industries

since the mid-1990s, China's glass fiber industry has entered a period of rapid growth. In 2007, its production capacity accounted for 40% of the world, and in 2012 it will exceed 60%. How can we make better use of the metallographic polishing machine. The technical strength of China's glass fiber industry is also increasing

the world glass fiber industry has been an oligopoly for a long time. In recent years, with the emergence of China's glass fiber industry, China's three major glass fiber giants not only monopolize the domestic market, but also become a new oligopoly in the international glass fiber market

as the periodicity of glass fiber industry is far weaker than that of traditional industries, even in the case of financial crisis, the export of glass fiber will not be greatly affected; The demand for oil pipelines and fan blades will not decrease significantly

from the perspective of gross profit margin, key glass fiber listed companies are higher than major new material listed companies, slightly inferior to PPG companies, but the gross profit margin of China glass fiber (600176) is basically the same as that of PPG companies. From the perspective of PE, the dynamic PE (price earnings ratio) of key glass fiber listed companies after 2008 is much lower than that of major new material companies, and slightly higher than that of PPG companies from 2009 to 2010. In comprehensive consideration, we gave an investment rating of "overweight" to the glass fiber industry for the first time. For China Fiberglass, we maintain the investment rating of "buy"; For Sinoma Technology (002080), we gave an investment rating of "overweight" for the first time

due to the uncertainty of the overall listing of Yuntianhua (), we maintain the investment rating of "overweight" and give the investment rating of "overweight" to Jiuding new material (002201). In addition, it is recommended to pay attention to yuefuhua (000507) and St Jinhua (600722)

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