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Meng Ling, chairman of China Daily Glass Association, has a broad prospect of inter-bank cooperation, innovation and development. His demand and technical requirements for plastic granulators are also constantly improving. Yan's speech at the preparatory meeting for the Xiamen watch exhibition across the Taiwan Strait

distinguished chairman Su Fulun of Xiamen Susong science and technology education foundation and distinguished guests:

good morning

I am very glad to get to know friends in the watch industry in Xiamen. I thank president Huang Aiying for his invitation. I take this opportunity to express my desire for cross-border cooperation between glass, coloured glaze and the watch industry, and to explore the paths and ways of cross-border cooperation

the glass is transparent, the colored glass is colorful, and the clock is more than just timing. The combination of clock and glass is the connection between time and space and beauty. The combination of clock and glass (colored glaze) has great potential

just now, president Huang Aiying introduced the three major sections of the Xiamen watch exhibition across the Taiwan Strait: first, highlight the cultural color; Second, highlight the new and peculiar products; The third is to hold relevant supporting activities around clocks and watches. Through exchanges, I have learned that the Xiamen watch exhibition has three outstanding characteristics:

1. The two sides of the Taiwan Straits work together to ring the world and the times' bell, which reflects the common aspiration of the industry on both sides of the Taiwan Straits

2. Hold high, inherit and innovate Su Song culture, the ancestor of watches in China and even the world, which reflects the core competitiveness of Xiamen watch exhibition

3 "versatile" with clocks and watches as the main line to build an excellent inter-bank and cross-border industrial chain platform. It has great potential to attract jewelry, glass, home furnishing, tourism, gifts and other industries to join the watch exhibition

in particular, it has important historical and modern far-reaching significance for the inheritance and innovation of Su Song culture. Su Song was an astronomer, astronomical machinery manufacturer and pharmacist in Song Dynasty. Su Song is famous for making water transport platforms. This is the leading fake celestial instrument with clear records in Chinese history, and its creativity is unprecedented. Later generations called it the fifth great invention of China. If there had been a Nobel Prize at that time, Su Song would certainly have been the most competitive candidate for the prize

Su Song can stand in the forefront of the times in astronomical instruments, herbal medicine, mechanical drawings and star map drawing, respect science, seek truth from facts, and require plastic bags to be even and flat in texture to achieve extraordinary achievements and dedication. His works on medicine, astronomy and science are illustrated with pictures and texts, leaving a precious heritage for future generations

as the birthplace of Su Song and its descendants, it is especially important and obliged to undertake the mission entrusted by the times and further carry forward Su Song culture. The important task of history and the call of the times require more wise and brave people to take advantage of the good opportunity of deepening reform, transformation and upgrading, take advantage of it, hold high the banner of rejuvenating the country through science and technology, respond to and implement the strategies of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" and "made in China 2015", drive the vigorous development of manufacturing industry with advanced culture, and strive to realize the Chinese dream of national prosperity, people's happiness and national revitalization

some people say that clocks and glasses, clocks and colored glasses are the darling of the times. Now it is an information age and an era of cooperation. Cross border mixing and vertical and horizontal combination is a trend and has become a cutting-edge attitude towards life. As the saying goes, meeting is fate, communication will lead to consensus, and communication will lead to opportunities. The European technical approval guideline eota Etag 004 (march2000 Edition) for glass, glazed glass and clock and watch plastered composite external insulation system has the same compatibility in terms of cultural and artistic creation, and there is a broad space for mutual and coordinated development. There is only the unexpected, there is nothing impossible. It is hoped that we will jointly create opportunities for cooperation and win-win results, and create an era of cooperation between clocks and glasses. I wish this meeting a complete success

thank you

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