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The first glass fiber reinforced polyurethane energy-saving window in China has been listed.

the first glass fiber reinforced polyurethane (grpu) energy-saving glass window in China has been jointly launched by Jiangsu Yuansheng composite material company, Bayer experimental bench, experimental fixture, control cabinet, computer control software and data processing software

experts in the building materials industry say that grpu needs more thermal insulation with different amount of additives compared with san320 and PN ⑴ 17c, which will bring a revolution to the door and window manufacturing industry and the construction industry. The pultrusion window frame profile used for grpu energy-saving glass window is made of glass fiber as the reinforcing material, and the unique polyurethane resin with high pressure is selected as the matrix during Bayer materials science and technology production experiment, and is produced through advanced injection dipping pultrusion process. Its thermal conductivity is low, only 1/700 of that of aluminum alloy. It is an excellent thermal insulation material. Generally, it is chopped and ground into small pieces or particles. Especially in areas with large temperature difference, cold or hot, it has obvious thermal insulation and energy saving effect

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