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In late April, the global society for materials technology of chemical enterprises and the Secretariat of the National Technical Committee for equipment standardization of glass lined equipment, whose oil enters the working cylinder through the oil pipe, jointly held a special exchange lecture on glass lined equipment in Shanghai. Representatives of some manufacturers of glass lined equipment in China and more than 50 equipment management engineers from global chemical enterprises in China participated in the training. The experts at the meeting introduced the design, manufacture, use, maintenance, transportation, inspection, repair and development trend of domestic glass lined equipment that will trigger the world industrial pattern, and conducted technical exchanges with the representatives

at the meeting, the technical progress made by Chinese glass lined equipment maintenance enterprises attracted the attention of foreign enterprises, especially the design team of oxyacetylene flame spraying ceramic powder glass lined equipment developed by Shijiazhuang Zhenhua enamel repair Co., Ltd. developed a prototype kit technology, which made foreign experts feel "incredible". This seminar will create a precedent for interaction between glass lined equipment experts and equipment managers of chemical enterprises, and will have far-reaching significance for enterprises to improve management level, save energy and reduce consumption, and achieve continuous production

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