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For the sustainable development of glass enterprises, the key is to improve the competitiveness of enterprises. China's glass industry has been in full surplus, and even this situation of using policy inclination and assessment leverage is still aggravating. 1. low industrial concentration, structural overcapacity, intensified homogeneous competition and frequent price fluctuations. 2. the contradiction between rigid capacity and cyclical demand is irreconcilable. There is always a market operation cycle of "profit loss profit loss"

inherent characteristics of the glass industry: once put into production, continuous production must be carried out without interruption, which makes the stickiness of supply increase the fluctuation of industry profits. However, the current situation is that it is in a passive position in the whole industrial chain and excessively relies on the real estate industry. Real estate accounts for 75% of the demand, including urbanization, housing improvement, demolition of existing houses, reconstruction of existing curtain walls and other infrastructure facilities. At the same time, it is subject to rigid production capacity, rising raw fuel prices, fierce industry competition, product homogeneity, small sales radius, weak industry regulation and other constraints

in recent years, the life of glass enterprises has been declining, and enterprises have to take action on their own. As for how to improve the competitiveness of the glass industry, I would like to summarize several suggestions. First, we must vigorously develop advanced productive forces and speed up the elimination of backward productive forces. The glass industry is in a critical period of structural adjustment. It should closely rely on scientific and technological progress, vigorously develop advanced productive forces, actively promote scientific and technological progress and technological innovation, speed up the research and development of glass technology, process and equipment, use advanced productive forces, speed up the elimination of backward productive forces, and promote the adjustment of industrial structure in the process of development

second, we should increase the export of labor-intensive products. 1. Variable frequency system tensile testing machine: while adopting the variable frequency motor control system, we should increase the technical input to expand the types of high-tech and high value-added products in the glass raw sheet industry, establish a complete upstream and downstream integrated glass industry chain, and expand scientific and technological innovation in the field of glass deep processing. This is the only future for the research and development of new polyurethane thermal insulation materials and increase the profit growth point, It can not only enhance the ability to resist economic cycle risks, but also fundamentally enhance its international competitiveness

third, we should lead the development of the industry with large group strategy and brand strategy, promote the mergers and acquisitions of glass enterprises within the industry, and comprehensively improve the core competitiveness of enterprises. There are many small glass enterprises in China, which are small in scale and can not meet the requirements of economies of scale. Therefore, it is necessary to promote the strategic restructuring of building materials enterprises, implement the strategy of large companies and groups, and support the development of building materials enterprise groups. The collectivization of enterprises is conducive to enhancing the advantages of economies of scale and scope, and can make more extensive use of economic resources and market space. The industrial base has shifted from "energy efficiency, environmental protection and product quality must be comprehensively considered close to the core market" to "close to the raw material base"

fourth, we should adhere to the principles and policies of energy conservation and emission reduction, implement cleaner production and circular economy, and strive to build the raw glass industry into a green, environmentally friendly and sustainable sunrise industry. Low-E coating, solar glass, hollow and vacuum glass, full oxygen combustion, waste heat power generation, desulfurization and denitrification, new (high-performance) glass flat panel display, PDP, tftoled substrate, fireproof glass, high-strength protective glass, aircraft/high-speed train windshield glass. Quality upgrading, solar glass, automotive glass, Low-E, TCO glass and other high-end glass

v. the glass futures market will affect or even change the quotation method of the spot, become the pricing basis of the spot, and may even become a new business model. With the help of the futures market, the competition pattern of the glass industry will change greatly in the future

sixth, we should cultivate a large number of talents of various types who can adapt to the development of the glass wafer industry. The essence of future market and product competition is talent competition, so we can rely on the realization of the aspirations of enterprise leaders to complete the task of improving the international competitiveness of enterprises in the glass raw sheet industry in a relatively short time

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