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Faced with three serious problems, the growth of glass deep-processing enterprises needs to be solved.

Guangdong has become a major province in the production, export and benefit of China's flat glass and deep-processing glass. The production capacity of glass deep-processing accounts for about one third of the country, and its position plays an important role in the national glass industry. On the other hand, in recent years, the prices of main raw materials such as float sheets, structural adhesives and spacer strips have continued to rise, and the production cost of engineering glass has risen sharply. However, the product prices that have led to inaccurate equipment measurement results for a long time have made most enterprises unprofitable or even loss

in the context of international industry 4.0, made in China 2025 and intelligent manufacturing strategy have become one of the important driving forces leading the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry and social development. As one of the basic industries of intelligent manufacturing, the glass industry is in a critical period of structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading. It is difficult for manufacturers to sign contracts. Due to the rapid rise in the price of raw materials, the cost of glass deep-processing manufacturers has risen, making the enterprise difficult to operate; Raw materials rose, gross profit fell, and enterprises had no choice but to advance funds for operation due to bad competition among enterprises; The brain drain in enterprise management is serious. Once the brain drain of key technology personnel, it will also lead to the loss of technology, making it difficult to achieve the inheritance of talent and technology. These three severe problems were put in front of large-scale glass deep processing enterprises. At the third meeting of engineering glass branch of Guangdong Glass Industry Association held on September 15 last year, several Guangdong glass deep processing giants, including CSG, Xinyi, yaopi, AVIC, Pengbo, Chong Hing and Nanliang, jointly discussed the way out

disorderly price rise of glass raw materials private enterprises encounter development problems. The price of raw materials does not rise, and enterprises become sandwich biscuits. Recently, the prices of upstream raw materials have risen one after another, which has strongly supported the price of glass and increased the cost of glass by 100 yuan per ton. Lixiaoming, deputy general manager of sales of Dongguan CSG engineering glass Co., Ltd., said that the price of glass is now falling sharply, from more than 300 yuan per square meter in the past to more than 100 yuan per square meter, while the prices of raw materials such as glass sheets and float glass are rising. Grant's Li Jiangdong also said that it was originally estimated that the price rise at the beginning of the year was only short-lived and could survive. Unexpectedly, it has evolved into a prairie fire in the industry. Today's deep-processing glass enterprises are like dumplings made by raw material manufacturers and glass curtain wall manufacturers. In the view of the bosses of glass enterprises, the profits produced by the enterprises can no longer make up for the losses caused by the rising costs

according to relevant data, Guangdong's output of flat glass ranks among the top three in the country, and the output of high-quality Fufa glass ranks among the top in the country. Guangdong has become a major province in the production, export and benefit of flat glass and deep processed glass in China. The production capacity of deep processed glass accounts for about one third of the country, and its position is very important in the national glass industry. On the other hand, in recent years, the prices of main raw materials such as float raw sheets, structural adhesives and spacer strips have continued to rise, and the production cost of engineering glass has risen sharply. However, the long-term low product prices have made most enterprises unprofitable and even made losses. To make matters worse, the unreasonable advance sales model has caused a large number of precious funds of engineering glass enterprises to be occupied, with increasing risks, and the whole industry is almost unsustainable. In the face of the current market depression of the glass industry, how to make the glass enterprises go out of the trough is a practical problem to be solved at present and in the future

it is not easy to survive the off-season but die in the peak season. According to the current situation of market research, the losses of private enterprises are not only due to the rise of raw materials in different materials, but also due to the difficulty of signing contracts and orders. The heads of several enterprises said that in recent years, due to the rising prices of various materials, the glass industry has been overwhelmed by the increasing competitive pressure. Even if there are orders, they dare not produce. Because the materials are priced one day, the profits have shrunk sharply and losses have been repeated

gaoshanshan, general manager of Shenzhen Liaoyuan Glass Co., Ltd., said that most of the manufacturers of deep-processing glass are private enterprises and lack the right to speak about the price rise of raw materials. As enterprise operators, they are basically in the wait-and-see stage because of their profits. Some people in the industry laughed and said that the news of rising materials was like the weather forecast of the day. As soon as it sounded, today's materials rose. Some even lamented that they had managed to survive the off-season but died in the peak season

in recent years, the number of bankruptcies and semi bankruptcies of some large glass deep processing enterprises and curtain wall companies in the construction field has an upward trend, and the confidence and expectation of the whole glass industry are also gradually declining. The unwritten regulations in the industry make it the first choice to ask for advance funds to win the bid, which gradually increases the capital flow burden of deep-processing enterprises. For the new deep-processing enterprises, it is even more difficult to turnover because the capital does not come back, which has seriously affected the development of the enterprises

however, from a market perspective, good products have a market cycle. The enterprise giants said that they should do a good job in the low tide of the market and still invest in the market. First, they should ensure good performance and excellent product quality. Second, they should do a good job in the after-sales service of commodities, supporting the excellent and cracking down on counterfeits and other related work. These most basic work should keep up with each other in the daily export activities. Honest management and reasonable competition can make us invincible. As the logistics radius of the glass deep processing industry is small and generally small and medium-sized enterprises, the bosses, managers and technicians of small and medium-sized glass deep processing enterprises are easy to form a situation of unequal supply and demand. Enterprises need managers with comprehensive ability and high quality, but the vast majority of employees are partial talents. Enterprises rarely consider how to train them, or lack training channels, or even are unwilling to train them at all, resulting in the lack of technical personnel

in addition, due to the limitations of the scale of small and medium-sized enterprises, most employees in small and medium-sized glass deep-processing enterprises lack the space for promotion. In the enterprise workshop, if many people do not consider changing jobs, many post personnel will not have the opportunity to be promoted for a long time. However, if they do the same job and receive the same salary for a long time, they will form obvious post fatigue, resulting in reluctance to stay, thus causing the continuous loss of technical talents. Chenbo of Foshan innovation project has a deep understanding of this. He suggests that the construction of human resource flow management platform should be improved with the help of industry associations. Enterprises can voluntarily join the platform so as to know the whereabouts of talents and reserve talents at any time. Hezhiqiang, chairman of Guangdong Xinhua Qiang, said that it is necessary for small and medium-sized glass deep-processing enterprises to establish their own brain drain crisis early warning system and practical operation system. The enterprise brain drain early warning system is a means and strategy to prevent and solve the crisis according to the current situation or hidden dangers of the enterprise brain drain. Its ultimate goal is to tamp the recovery of the international market and the stability of enterprise talents through the construction of the early warning system, so as to nip the problem in the bud. In this meeting, entrepreneurs stressed the need to strengthen industry self-discipline, change the bad habit of fund advance, and maintain fund security; Reasonably conduct upstream costs, moderately raise product prices, and maintain the sustainable development of the industry. In the context of rising prices of raw materials, it has become a dilemma for most manufacturers to maintain the profits of enterprises and ensure the stability of product prices

glass enterprises generally believe that quality is the basis for their survival. In terms of scientific and technological innovation, they should develop more and better new products to meet the needs of customers. With new products, we also need to do a good job in marketing. In the past, when signing engineering order contracts, salespeople would have more or less gray income, resulting in the decline of product quality, and the loss of brand reputation over time. Faced with such a situation, we must use new resources, new methods and new measures to break the old sales form. Only in this way can brand benefit and product premium be formed on the basis of division of labor and cooperation for group heating. Songtingting from Shenzhen Shengkang stressed the importance of group heating. She hoped that everyone would unite and achieve centralized procurement to cope with the soaring trend of raw materials

practice has proved that only the open price in the glass industry and the reasonable and orderly competition in the market can reduce or avoid the heavy debts of enterprises and worry about the breakage of the capital chain of the construction party or other risks. Therefore, in order to reasonably and effectively control the debt ratio of enterprises and realize the growth of profits, we should adopt the method of joint development, which is also an effective measure to resist the fluctuation of market prices

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