Using aromatic tail gas to improve ethylene yield

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Yangzi Petrochemical olefin plant uses aromatic tail gas to improve ethylene yield

following the use of aromatic liquefied gas as cracking feedstock, Yangzi Petrochemical olefin plant has successfully introduced aromatic plant tail gas into ethylene unit as cracking feedstock. At present, the plant receives more than 300 tons of aromatic tail gas every day, effectively promoting the lightness of ethylene feedstock and further improving ethylene yield

each unit of the aromatics plant produces a large amount of tail gas every day. For a long time, most of these tail gases have been burned as heating furnace fuel, and their potential value has not been fully developed. In order to comprehensively optimize the utilization of aromatic tail gas, the company, after full research, has decided to introduce the aromatic plant tail gas utilization process pipeline to the ethylene unit as the cracking furnace raw material. In order to safely receive the aromatic tail gas to the ethylene cracking furnace, the olefin plant has carefully designed the technical transformation scheme. In order to ensure the safe operation of the project, the olefin plant strictly carries out "three inspections and four determinations" and organizes operators to conduct pressure test, purging and air tightness for the pipeline, which is more flexible; High force measurement accuracy. Adjust the instrument flowmeter and regulating valve to meet the process and equipment requirements and meet the conditions for operation. The olefin plant, together with relevant departments of the company, has continuously refined and improved the specific implementation scheme for the project that it is more convenient to measure the local wear of the friction surface by grooving and embossing. The factory also accelerated the implementation of the production preparation of the project, and distributed the project operation plan and emergency plan under abnormal conditions to workshops and teams for learning. During the operation of the tail gas from the aromatics plant, the technical personnel of the olefin plant carefully set the process, closely monitored various process parameters, and conducted sampling and analysis for many times to prevent the occurrence of cross feed accidents. The on-site operators shall carefully check the relevant heat exchangers to prevent the gas-phase pipeline from carrying liquid; And closely observe the pressure gauge of tail gas pipeline to prevent pressure fluctuation during operation. The ethylene workshop also actively improved various management systems after the tail gas was connected. With the lightweight of the interior, the process was simplified and the management was strengthened

the comprehensive and optimized utilization of aromatic tail gas resources not only helps to promote the lightweight of ethylene raw materials, but also improves the ethylene yield; Moreover, the operation cycle of ethylene cracking furnace is prolonged and the unit capacity is increased

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