Three toilets are built in 60 square meters, and t

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Several walls were drilled to open the door, the windowsill became a stove, and the corridor was repaired with toilets... Speaking of the big action decoration of Ms. Xinye main beam on the fifth floor, the residents of building 6, wusheng community, Qiaokou District were three points angry and seven points helpless. Although they rushed around for help, the relevant departments also ordered the suspension of work for rectification, and the owner of the fifth floor still insisted on continuing the construction. Yesterday, Mr. Zou, who lives on the 6th floor of the building, told reporters that the problem has not been solved so far

three toilets have been built in 60 square meters

Mrs. Ding, who is 70 years old, said that the six buildings in wusheng community have a history of 38 years. Standing on the first floor of the stairs, she told reporters, "there is also an air raid shelter below. The ground is basically not particularly secure. It is also a brick concrete structure. Disorderly decoration will cause problems."

however, Ms. Xinye Liang, who moved to the 5th floor in February, has done a major operation on the 60 square meter old house with a large decoration action - directly drilling holes in three walls, building a smoke-free stove on the windowsill, building a toilet next to the toilet, building a third toilet in the room, and using sewage pipes in the living room. Another gate is opened on the vertical wall beside the staircase gate. Residents suspect that Ms. Liang's decoration is for rent. Ms. Liang explained that she had two daughters in law, so she wanted to decorate like this

the reporter saw at Mr. Zou's home on the 6th floor that there were more than a dozen cracks on the wall and a large amount of white ash fell off the balcony wall. Mr. Zou said that since the downstairs decoration began last month, the house has often fallen gray. "That's not enough. The stove in her room is under my window. Don't all the lampblack float to my house in the future?"

"no one wants to have someone else's toilet on their bed." Mr. Chen, who lives on the fourth floor, was even more angry. "Her family has built so many toilets and walked sewage pipes indiscriminately. We are all worried that water will seep into the house in the future."

sending nearly 20 complaint letters doesn't work.

in the interview, community residents expressed dissatisfaction one after another: "why is it that someone arbitrarily ignores the safety of their own and other people's lives and property when they share a common house?" "The reconstruction of downstairs houses and the random demolition of indoor load-bearing walls... Have seriously affected the living safety of the residents of this house. Please stop it in time, restore the house to its original state, and ensure public safety." This is the complaint letter written by Mr. Zou on February 23, with the signatures of four other residents below. They have sent nearly 20 such complaint letters in the past half month

in late February, when the new owner just started construction, Mr. Zou and other families had specially asked for a two-day leave and ran to the district real estate bureau and other relevant departments. "Someone from the district housing safety appraisal station came to appraise it and issued a rectification notice, ordering it to stop work and restore the original appearance of the house. But it's useless, and they have no law enforcement power. Some people from the district urban management also came to say that their law enforcement scope is outdoor illegal construction, and indoor decoration can't be controlled." Mr. Zou said

according to professionals, it is best to find a housing safety management professional to confirm the decoration of second-hand houses before construction. Before construction, it should also be reported to the property management department for filing. However, these are not mandatory requirements and are often ignored by owners. Wusheng community neighborhood committee staff revealed that there was no property in the community, and the owner did not obtain any construction permit

the reporter contacted the district housing safety appraisal station and did not receive an effective response




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