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In modern rosewood furniture, there are still many people who like it. Its status is also rising, and its price is also rising. Rosewood furniture is not just furniture at home, but many people begin to collect art. Also began to be used as a symbol of status. Today, I want to talk about the mahogany furniture dresser. Let's learn about the characteristics and maintenance methods of the mahogany furniture dresser

characteristics of mahogany furniture dresser

1. A full set of mahogany dresser: the full set is a complete design, which is composed of dressers, dressers, dressers, dressers and corresponding lamps. It can not only dress up, but also place dressers, toiletries and jewelry

2. Independent and combined rosewood dresser: independent, which is to set up the dresser separately, is more flexible and casual, and the decorative effect is more prominent. Combined type, which combines the dressing table with other furniture, is suitable for small families with small space

the mahogany dresser has a strong humanistic feeling and can exude unique charm, which makes many people love it. In many modern families, you can still see the exquisite mahogany dresser. The mahogany dressing table can be said to bring the festivity, tranquility and peace of Chinese culture to the extreme, and bring a lot of vitality to home life. Using the special charming scenery of the rosewood dresser to create differences and dislocation in coordination will undoubtedly make it a bright spot in the whole bedroom. Therefore, the mahogany dressing table is not only a practical furniture, but also a decorative object of exquisite life

maintenance method of rosewood furniture dresser

wipe it regularly with semi dry cotton cloth, or wax it every 2 to 3 months. You can also use a feather duster or a soft brush to remove the dust on the surface, and then wipe it with a dry cloth. Remember not to wipe with a wet cloth, because the water in the wet cloth will form particles after mixing with the ash and sand in the air. If there is friction, it will wear the surface of the furniture. If there are stains on the surface of the furniture, you can dip in a small amount of water-soluble or oily detergent to wipe, and you should not use chemical brighteners to avoid damage to the paint film

there are wax and natural lacquer coatings on the surface. Natural grease should be used during maintenance. Chemical grease will damage the original coating and cause surface cracking. Usually, walnut oil can be used for family maintenance. It is processed from walnut kernel, with a faint fragrance. Walnut oil is a dry oil, which belongs to natural environmental protection oil and does not contain chemical components. Rubbing it on furniture and drying it will form a protective film, which can reduce the invasion of moist air in the atmosphere and prevent dryness and cracking

the above is the features of mahogany furniture dresser and the maintenance methods of mahogany furniture dresser introduced by Xiaobian. The price of mahogany is still relatively high. You can understand this knowledge before buying, and you can also see the maintenance methods after buying. I hope it can help you. If you want to know other relevant information, please continue to pay attention to this website, and look forward to more wonderful





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