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"Sound" and "shadow" of the war epidemic - Buddhists' children, join the war in the "Buddhists" way

the "sound" and "shadow" of the war epidemic - the sons and daughters of Buddhists, join the war in the "Buddhists" way

february 28, 2020

since the launching of this anti epidemic war without smoke of gunpowder, the Buddhists who are passionate, brave and willing to contribute have their hearts set on the "epidemic" although they are in all parts of the motherland. "To fight the epidemic, start with me!" The Buddhists' sons and daughters participated in the war. They explained their original intention and mission with their own "sound" and "shadow" of the war. With the strength of countless individuals, they gathered together the greater self to take on the responsibility, and wrote countless moving moments

be a pioneer · build a defense line at the grass-roots level

be a pioneer and guard responsible coatings. They are employees of bards and volunteers in the front line of epidemic prevention and control. Some of them joined the volunteer service team of "errand running agency" in the community and sent their care and warmth home; He (she) is a good epidemic prevention and control propagandist to share the worries of the government; There are people who stand guard at the intersection of the expressway, isolate the virus but not love... Devote themselves to voluntary medical care, convenient services and order maintenance Let the "bards spirit" penetrate the epidemic. They are respectable and lovely people

national anti epidemic · not only on the front line

national war on "epidemic", regardless of the front and rear lines. Working online and staying at home is also a contribution to the fight against the epidemic! More Buddhists use their own way to quietly light up a little "shimmer": during the epidemic, Buddhists' employees consciously and strictly abide by the government's epidemic prevention and control requirements, consciously isolate themselves from their homes, manage themselves and take good care of their families, ensuring that no one is infected; Many other employees started online preparation, online training and online promotion early Prepare for the efficient response to the "post epidemic era" after the enterprise returns to work in the way of "cloud return to work"

love pouring · trickles converging into the sea

sharing a common destiny with the motherland is the responsibility of national enterprises and the common spiritual backbone of Buddhists' children. At present, bards group led 7 wholly-owned subsidiaries to donate 3million yuan to help fight the "epidemic", expressing the responsibility of national enterprises with deep feelings; Many bards employees and dealers also spontaneously and actively donated money, materials and greetings to the epidemic area, the most beautiful "rebel" in the front line of anti epidemic, local duty personnel, etc., and did their best to devote their "love" to the overall planning of clutch and anti epidemic, so as to send warmth to the front-line anti epidemic pioneer

resumption of work and production · the war epidemic is not relaxed

when the epidemic situation is getting better, the "rally" of resumption of work and production is also sounding in an all-round way, and the war will tie the frequency band of the expander to an appropriate range. The "epidemic" will not stop for a moment! Before returning to work, the main cadres of badesh invested in the front line of epidemic prevention and control in advance, and carried out all-round disinfection and epidemic prevention material reserve in advance; The cadres strictly abide by the group's policy of returning to work by batches and divisions, and strictly implement the series of deployment of scientific prevention and control, so that the employees who return to work can safely and safely devote themselves to their work, ensure that the epidemic prevention and control and the return to work and production are "correct", and also ensure that the normal operation order can be quickly restored after the commencement of work, so as to provide the most timely services to the dealers

various new trends of the times and cool black technology call for responsibility, and the journey inspires action! The bards group, which has been tempered by the crisis, depicts the eternal responsibility and mission in the hearts of every bards child. Infinite can ensure that static electricity will not cause damage to the instrument; In the future, we will take the present as the source and become a "century old coating enterprise". Bards group is ready

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