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Voith launched evaporite series of high-quality paper machine dryers

evaporite new high-quality dryers are the latest innovative products brought by Voith to the market

maintaining its drying efficiency and paper operation during the dry life is a key cost driver for paper machine performance. When reaching the limit of 1, evaporite series dryers have excellent durability and make the high-end products basically achieve self-sufficiency in 2025, with strong pollution resistance and easy cleaning. It adopts the new cleanweave design and Syntron material, and its durability is significantly higher than that of traditional polyester yarn

open structure, less yarn intersections and the smallest internal void volume are the unique features of cleanweave structure. These features can reduce dry pollution and ensure effective evaporation of dry during the whole service life. In addition, the compact dry structure simplifies the process of cleaning dry surfaces manually and using cleaning systems such as Voith duocleaner express

ev computer servo tensile (compressive) force testing machine provides two groups of capacity test space. Aporitehigh dry also belongs to this series of products. Its design feature is to expand the contact degree between open surface and paper web. Thanks to the cleanweave dry structure, the efficient operation of all evaporite series dryers is guaranteed

about voith paper

voith paper belongs to the German Voith group, and is the world's leading partner and pioneer in the paper industry. Through continuous innovation, Voith Paper continuously optimizes the papermaking process, and is committed to developing resource-saving products to reduce the use of energy, water purification and fiber

about Voith group

Voith sets industry standards for energy, oil and gas, paper making, raw materials, transportation and public transport. Voith group, founded in 1867, has more than 42000 employees in more than 50 countries around the world, with annual sales of 5.7 billion euros. It is one of the largest family businesses in Europe

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