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[voices of the NPC and CPPCC sessions] key issues cannot be avoided in optimizing the business environment

at present, the business environment is undoubtedly the most influential factor in the investment decision-making of enterprises under the market economy environment. At the two sessions of the National People's Political Consultative Conference, an Runsheng, member of the National Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference, chairman of the Federation of industry and Commerce of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and chairman of the General Chamber of Commerce of the autonomous region, pointed out that in recent years, the Party Central Committee and the State Council have attached great importance to optimizing the development environment of the real economy, issued a series of policies and measures to encourage and support the development of the private economy, and unswervingly promoted the reform of streamlining administration and delegating power, reducing taxes and fees, and deepening the reform of ", The business environment has been further optimized. However, there are still some unsatisfactory problems, and the business environment needs to be further optimized

Huwei, member of the National Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference, vice chairman of the Shanghai Municipal Committee of the China Democratic Progressive Movement and deputy director of Shanghai China Vocational Education Society, believes that the key to improving the business environment is to overcome difficulties

China's business environment is medium and above

according to Hu Wei, according to the global ranking of the business index listed in the 2018 business environment report released by the world bank, China ranks 78th, still medium and above. According to the standards of the report, China is still inefficient in terms of administrative examination and approval or supervision, while it has made great progress in industrial and commercial registration, contract credit and capital financing. In contrast, in the current domestic practice, especially in the leading practice represented by the pilot Free Trade Zone, the main measures to improve the business environment are reflected in two aspects: the domestic facilitation of investment and trade characterized by time, procedure and cost saving around the diagnosis of diseases caused by future population aging; The innovation of post border market management system characterized by regulatory reform. The system innovation in these two aspects is in line with the high international standards, and the overall evaluation is good. However, the reform in some sensitive areas and links is still not obvious or almost untouched

Hu Wei believes that there is still a gap between China's reform practice and international high standard rules. The fundamental problem lies in the weak promotion of the reform of segmentation, process integration and simplified approval. The main shortcomings of the traditional power line zigzag testing machine in the business environment report are as follows: in the 15 years since the scope of swing angle conditioning was written, China has not been able to delegate power in substance, reduce the approval process, and the process is uncertain and opaque. The improvement effect is not obvious

reform cannot avoid key issues

an Runsheng believes that China's business environment is not satisfactory: first, the entrepreneurial atmosphere is not strong enough, which makes private enterprises "sad". Second, a small number of government officials do not act or take responsibility, which makes private enterprises "guilty". Third, it is difficult, annoying and slow to handle affairs, which makes private enterprises "upset". Fourth, the problem that new officials ignore old accounts still exists in many places, which makes private enterprises "panic". Fifth, the phenomenon of face changing still occurs from time to time, which makes private enterprises "heartache". Sixthly, some grass-roots law enforcement officers still have the problem of "taking cards and asking for them", so that each pressing plate of private enterprises is fixed with two screws; "Cold heart"

Hu Wei said that in recent years, there have been many reform measures taken by the central and local governments, but enterprises generally have a weak sense of gain, which is largely related to the fact that reform always avoids key issues. Hu Wei put forward suggestions on improving the business environment in the approval process: first, comprehensively understand the approval process by industry, and preliminarily count the average cost, quantity, time and departments involved; Second, merge, integrate or cancel some approval items; Third, cross department research, consultation and solution of some problems that enterprises have reported; Fourth, comprehensively improve the time control and information disclosure of the approval process, and broaden the channels for enterprises to participate, know, appeal and feedback

an Runsheng suggested: first, we should further optimize the policy environment to make private enterprises "happy"; Second, we should further optimize the government environment to make private enterprises "happy"; Third, we should further optimize the legal environment and make private enterprises "at ease"; Fourth, we should further optimize the market environment and make private enterprises "happy"

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