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Shantui products have opened Fiji's best-selling road

a hot construction site. The construction of new Shantui complete sets of equipment has become a beautiful scenic spot in Fiji, an island country in the Pacific Ocean. Shantui exported full hydraulic roller products to Fiji for the first time. The order customers were local large-scale engineering contracting and construction companies, with many international well-known brand construction machinery products

the customer purchased a Shantui sd16f logging bulldozer in 2018. The excellent performance and reliable quality of Shantui bulldozer left a deep impression on the customer. After several rounds of negotiations, Shantui products stood out among the well-known brands at home and abroad and became the customer's final choice

Fiji used to be an area that Shantui didn't really touch in its overseas market. The going global central enterprises have provided good popularity and reputation for Shantui's brand promotion. China Railway No.1 Engineering Group Co., Ltd. bought nearly 10 bulldozers from Shantui for 5 to 6 years. Therefore, buyers of Shantui bulldozers in China do not like the taste of a new car. The Fiji market has a very good reputation. At the same time, the local projects of China Railway No.1 Engineering Group Co., Ltd. in Fiji are very influential, and the local people are familiar with Shantui whenever it is mentioned

as a well-known and influential local group, the customer belongs to a family business. The group company has many sectors, including remote transmission companies, engineering contracting and housing construction, as well as its own quarry, which mainly supplies building materials

at that time, the business manager of Shantui Fiji visited the customer after the bulldozer arrived. The customer immediately carried out the test after the bulldozer was assembled. The comfortable test drive experience made the customer very satisfied. The customer's evaluation is the best public praise. They all agree that the power of Shantui bulldozer is very strong, and the price of accessories is similar to that of Zhenhai, Shanghai and Nanjing bases. They are speeding up the preliminary work according to the principle of tapping the potential of existing devices, facilities and connotation to the greatest extent, which is good for the cost performance of international brands, and better than the local parts supply speed of international brands in expanding the testing range. The purchasing director of the client company said, "our product industry line is complete, and we are a local first-class group company. The success of this order will certainly help Shantui to develop new customers in new markets. The chairman is ready to recommend Shantui products to local people. Now bulldozers and road rollers have arrived in Fiji, and there are orders for excavators. If the government succeeds in bidding, it will purchase Shantui excavators."

"when we just received the bidding project from the government, we had very short requirements for the delivery time. Shantui just had the stock. We arranged the shipment more than a week after signing the contract. The delivery time was fast and timely", the person in charge said happily, "The focus of our attention on the road roller products is the braking system. At that time, we inquired with agents of other brands about the price, but Shantui is obviously better than other brands in terms of braking. Considering the quality and delivery time of Shantui, we decided to choose Shantui products. The facts have proved that our choice is completely correct. In addition, we will maintain long-term and continuous cooperation with Shantui to help Shantui further consolidate in Fiji Economic market "

after Fiji quickly opened the market, while selling directly, Shantui began to support agents, expand its influence in various markets, carry out large-scale local media publicity and hold product promotion meetings. With the help of the reputation and influence of this customer, more than ten local customers have many purchase intentions and inquiries for the whole series of products of Shantui

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