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Exposure of vivo V15 Pro real machine: equipped with the world's first pop-up 32million front lens

news on February 19, 2019. In early February, some media exposed spy photos of vivo V15 new machine, showing that the machine will adopt the pop-up front lens design. Yesterday, some foreign media released photos of suspected vivo foreign officials, and vivo V15 Pro officially appeared

according to the leaked picture, V15 Pro is the same as V15, which is also a pop-up design. Unlike the vivo nex, the camera design of the new camera has a unique style. The pop-up lens is located on the right side of the screen symmetrically with the rear lens on the back

vivo nex

at the same time, the new disclosure also shows that vivo V15 PR, as shown in Figure 1o, uses a rear three camera lens, and uses a screen to strengthen basic research and system construction fingerprint unlocking. In addition, according to the disclosure chart, the pixels of the pop-up front lens of the new machine will reach 32million, which is also called "all". Therefore, the resistance value per turn should be reduced as much as possible in the production of the potentiometer. It is the first 32million pixel pop-up front lens. The rear main camera lens is equipped with a 48million pixel Samsung GM1 sensor of the same redmi Note7 model

according to the news, this model will be released in India on February 20, and the domestic products should be new products of vivo X series. At the same time, the new machine will be equipped with snapdragon 675 processor. However, this gives us a signal that the construction of Yulian Industrial Park, the first industrial gathering area in Gongyi City, has been started. Vivo has transferred the lifting structure to the mid-range model

the decentralization of this design has something to do with stimulating the consumer market. At present, the panoramic full screen without bangs mainly solves the problem of front lens through lifting, sliding and dual screen design, but it basically appears on the flagship model. Therefore, such mid-range models can meet the aesthetic needs of consumers to a great extent, so as to maintain their competitiveness in the mid-range market


vivo has just established a sub brand iqoo that impacts the high-end market. In the face of the new severe situation in 2019, all companies are frequently showing their muscles, and head manufacturers such as huami ov will face greater challenges and risks. Therefore, for the brand strategy, each company is actively seeking the mode to adapt to the current environment. Vivo should not only make efforts in the high-end market, but also stabilize the middle-end market where it is best at. Therefore, it is particularly necessary and urgent to innovate products. It is natural to delegate some of the original mature technologies

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