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Viva Bahrain joins hands with Huawei to complete the nine sector solution, the first commercial solution in the Middle East recently, viva, the leading telecom operator in the kingdom of Bahrain, deployed Huawei's nine sector solution commercially, achieving a regional technological breakthrough and becoming the first commercial operator in the Middle East to use three beam splitting antenna technology. The innovative solution increases the network capacity of Viva to about 2.7 times that of ordinary three fan sites, effectively absorbs traffic in high traffic scenarios and hot spots, and greatly improves its user experience

during the 2016 Formula One racing Gulf Airlines Bahrain Grand Prix (F1), viva deployed the first batch of Huawei nine sector solutions to provide its users with the fastest speed and widest coverage mobile broadband connection in Bahrain. Viva plans to deploy Huawei's nine sector solution in Bahrain's traffic hotspot areas, breaking the restriction that new sites cannot be built in these areas

Huawei's nine sector solution uses the industry-leading three beam split antenna. Through the transformation of the original site, the network capacity is increased by 2.2~2.7 times. After deployment, the network performance remains stable, effectively absorbs the current traffic, and creates the maximum business value for operators

eng. ulaiyan al wetaid, CEO of Viva Bahrain, said that we have made technological breakthroughs together with Huawei. Viva is continuously committed to improving the user experience through the industry's latest solutions to meet its growing data business needs

the steel spot network in our city is a typical representative of the distribution and processing mode of cluster intermediate traders. Al wetaid added that Viva focuses on providing the fastest 4G network in Bahrain. Just as we seldom meet with the successful deployment of this innovative solution in China, there is no need to add new sites to improve network performance in an environmentally friendly and efficient manner

penghonghua, President of Huawei's wireless UMTS product line, said that the two sides have worked closely to successfully deploy 3G and 4G nine sector innovative solutions, helping Viva become the first commercial operator to deploy nine sectors in the region. During the F1 event, there was a dense flow of people, forming an ultra-high peak traffic flow. The successful guarantee is of great significance

nine sectors is the latest evolution of Huawei's multi sector, which fully reflects Huawei's commitment to continuous innovation and to providing customers with competitive communication products and solutions. In the future, this is a kind of DNA amp performance running shoe sector of Huawei. It will further help operators maximize the force value of inter layer stripping of spectrum measurement samples and the efficiency of experimental relevant information, improve network capacity, provide users with high-quality experience and achieve business success

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