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With the continuous penetration of live broadcasting into vertical industries, more and more online education aims at the market dividends of live broadcasting and has launched their own education live broadcasting platforms. Many educational enterprises, such as Hujiang, New Oriental, XRS, Suntech education, etc., have made efforts to broadcast live. It is also at this time that cctalk started the trend of live broadcasting of online education. As a real-time interactive education platform under Hujiang, the largest educational institution in China, cctalk aims to provide educational tools and platform capabilities for independent knowledge imparters and sharers, and provide knowledge content and a community environment for knowledge seekers to learn together

2017, cctalk developed a series of online teaching tools around the live classroom beyond the offline teaching experience. On the basis of courseware tools, screen sharing, classroom whiteboard, answer sheet and hands up, new real-time interactive functions such as multi person video, two-way whiteboard and OCS courseware system are added to fully support one-to-one and one to many live teaching. At the same time, it also launched a VR panoramic live classroom, which opened the eyes of 10000 primary school students from 300 rural schools in China in the live broadcast project of the Danish Museum

at present, the content on the cctalk platform is divided into four categories: language, vocational education, primary, middle and young children, and artistic interest, covering more than 50 sub categories, including English, Japanese, Korean, public examination, job search, biology, Mathematical Olympiad, physics, music, constellation, study tour, cooking, it training, and gathering more than 30000 teachers and thousands of high-quality content institutions

real time interaction is the biggest pain point of live education

the pain point of online education is that the interaction between students and teachers is not strong, and there is no sense of interaction and learning atmosphere in offline classrooms. In particular, how to stimulate students' interest in learning and fully obtain students' attention is the bottleneck of online education industry

the introduction of live broadcast, an innovative mode, makes real-time interaction easier, which can be said to inject new vitality into online education. Due to the real-time nature of the live broadcast, real-time interaction between students and teachers can be realized, and the offline classroom teaching method can be well restored. However, the introduction of live broadcasting also puts forward high requirements for the underlying technology providers

dr. Lujian, President of cctalk, is a veteran in the video and live broadcasting industry. Since he first joined apple and became a member of the "founding team" of Apple's first generation streaming media product QuickTime streaming, his work track has never left video and live broadcasting. Dr. Lu is well aware that although there are more and more applications of live broadcasting, the ultimate pursuit of live broadcasting for underlying technology is the indispensable power for the development of the live broadcasting industry to let people enjoy art and heal their hearts at the same time

do a good job in live broadcasting, especially in the education industry where real-time and interactive requirements are high. Dr. Lujian believes that the technical support for live broadcasting is particularly important

cctalk, in order to better serve the rapidly growing customers, conducted rigorous tests and comparisons when selecting live broadcast technology providers, and finally chose sound (hereinafter referred to as sound) as the technology provider. Compared with other service providers in the market, we found that the service provided by voice is more stable and reliable, and the satisfaction of several 10 subsidiaries under its business functions is relatively more perfect, which is the main reason why we finally chose harmony cooperation, said Dr. Lujian, President of cctalk

we have developed a complete set of real-time audio and video services, but the speed of business growth and our requirements for global node coverage have exceeded our imagination. In order to expand the capacity as quickly and effectively as possible, we chose audio to expand the distribution capacity

live broadcast of the 10000 person class through real-time audio interaction

in the five consecutive days of the 10000 person class at the beginning of this year, the effect of cctalk live broadcast was excellent. Tens of thousands of children and teachers from all over the country completed several courses and interacted with teachers in real time in the class

on the cctalk platform, we use real-time audio and video calls to complete the technical implementation of audio and video interactive scenes during teaching. Because the real-time requirement of education for interaction is much higher than that of traditional audio and video CDN. Moreover, 10000 people attend classes at the same time, which is a great test of our platform's ability to handle massive and high concurrency and the support ability of technical service providers. Said Lujian, President of cctalk

full platform two-way interaction support cctalk division

the full platform support of voice on the desktop client, mobile client and server is the coolest feature, which provides the greatest convenience for education live broadcast requiring full platform services. Due to the fragmentation and differentiation of educational user devices and usage scenarios, the requirements cannot be met without the support of the whole platform. Lu Jian said

the sound SDK can also provide customized data coding channels and data post-processing processes, which also provides the application access party with the greatest access flexibility. At the same time, the background network of sound adopts a high concurrency architecture, which can withstand the surge of traffic due to the increase of daily activities, and the service is very stable

sound adopts a unique implementation method. It has deployed nearly 100 data centers around the world to build a global software defined real-time sd-rtn real-time virtual communication. On this transmission network designed for real-time, it greatly optimizes the global real-time transmission and ensures the call quality through a series of private protocol algorithms and intelligent routing algorithms

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