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Voith paper advanced cultural paper machine settled in Jinguang Hainan Company

Hainan No.2 paper machine partnership and successful extension

over the past 10 years, APP company has always trusted Voith and installed a series of the most powerful advanced cultural paper machines. Now, following Dagang No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3 paper machines, the company has ordered No. 2 paper machine to be installed in Hainan, China, which will be the world's highest production capacity advanced cultural paper machine. This paper machine will be put into operation within two years. The sample producing areas cover China, India and Thailand, and will produce a large number of high-quality cultural paper every year

"in the future, the project construction of this new paper machine will be supplied by Voith Paper in accordance with the overall plant contracting scheme (PLP scheme). Pulp preparation, paper machine and its auxiliary system, ventilation technology, automation and completion equipment are included. The process modules that can be optimally integrated into the whole process are also included. Naturally, all components that have an impact on quality have been integrated, such as Voith's roller cladding, fabric and scraper

as for the concept of paper machine, the concept of this new paper machine is similar to that of Dagang No. 3 paper machine. Due to the close cooperation between app and Voith, the production scope is also expanding to high weight paper. In particular, the coater has great flexibility for a very wide range of paper types. The main purpose of choosing this concept is to obtain high production capacity and the best paper quality with the lowest unit investment and operating cost. Even for these large-scale systems, the fundamental principle is to achieve environmental protection through low energy consumption and low water consumption

this pioneering concept has been verified by a series of tests conducted by the papermaking technology center (PTC) in Heidenheim, Germany. The paper printing samples produced by the raw materials of the paper factory on the Voith experimental paper machine verified that the surface area of the selected concrete specimen of this concept was 0.48m2

about voithpaper

voithpaper technology is the largest business unit of voithpaper group. Its business volume accounts for 52% of the group's total volume, and it is one of the largest equipment suppliers in the global paper industry. One out of every three sheets of paper in the world is produced by Voith Paper machine. Voith paper provides first-class equipment, technology and services for the whole papermaking process, and can provide customers with overall solutions

Voith group is committed to the paper, energy, transportation and service markets. Founded on January 1st, 1867, Voith is now one of the largest family businesses in Europe, with 34000 employees, 3.7 billion euros in performance and 250 branches all over the world

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