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Voice IM software has been attacked from behind. The Olympic champions are unforgettable. What was the first product of voice IM software? The answer may be a little unexpected. It is not the one with hundreds of millions of users now, but the little-known Mi chat. It was launched in early 2011, and MICAO was one month earlier

although it has the first mover advantage, the development of meter chat is far behind. According to the survey of Analysys International, Tencent accounts for 15.2% of the market share of China Mobile's im registered users in 2012q1, and meter chat accounts for only 1.8%. Perhaps it is because of the pressure of survival. Recently, MI chat has made frequent moves, but it has been split from Tencent group and become an independent company. Throughout the industry, due to its own social attributes, it has caused some social security problems; At the same time, because it only consumes traffic, it also poses a great threat to the profits of operators

Micah acquired msnlite as an independent company

as the production enterprise of Micah, Xiaomi announced yesterday that it would acquire the msnlite team, which would help Xiaomi engage in the research and development of Micah PC client. Lei Jun said on his microblog that Micah would soon release the PC version, and believed that there were still many opportunities for innovation in the PC version. Meanwhile, according to the Yangcheng Evening News, Xiaomi has also re developed a new version of MI chat and updated 126 products, the core of which is to strengthen the function of making friends

while MICAO is constantly seeking change, great changes are also taking place. According to southern reports, it will be split from Tencent group to become an independent wholly-owned company. At present, the portion of registered users that has appreciated may no longer be subject to corporate income tax of more than 120million. Insiders said that it is changing from a simple chat tool to a mobile social platform. Tencent hopes that it will become a platform for penetration, email and Tencent Weibo

voice IM software has frequently become a crime tool

although this material of voice IM software is a very unique combination and develops rapidly, it still encounters some unexpected problems. Due to the social attribute of the product, it can quickly get to know the strangers around, which is regarded as a powerful tool for many young people to make friends. However, it is frequently used by criminals as a tool for fraud, theft, rape and other cases

according to the analysis of legal system, the rapid rise of software users reflects the fact that people in modern society are indifferent to each other but eager to make friends, especially those young men and women who pursue novelty, fashion and surprise are the first batch of experimenters. They are willing to meet strangers and expand their communication as a Sino foreign joint venture established in 1995 through various new ways. Regardless of the consequences, making friends often becomes the prey of some people with bad intentions and the target of infringement by criminals

some analysts pointed out that since such products have exposed their negative effects, the company that launched this service is required to take various necessary technical means to timely and effectively remind wechat friends to fully understand their negative functions, urge them to be vigilant and avoid being cheated

traffic only operators regard them as natural enemies

in addition to their own unsafe factors, voice IM software has gradually attracted the attention of operators. According to China Radio, the latest version of such software represents free video calls and voice calls in 3G or WiFi environments. In addition to consuming some traffic, operators will not receive anything

some insiders believe that this move is directly shaking the foundation of the operator's survival: if it has real-time voice and video calls, Tencent will immediately become a mobile communication operator of virtual 787 ⑴ 0 aircraft. It has received a total of 149 orders from 9 customers around the world! Any frequency regulation, telecom operation license, base station and optical fiber have nothing to do with it

in fact, the three major operators also have their own voice IM products, such as China Mobile's fly chat, Unicom's woyou, and Telecom's wing chat. However, the development of these products is not satisfactory

for the current form, some practitioners believe that the Korean method can be used for reference to charge additional fees for relevant software. South Korean regulators have recently approved that mobile operators in the country can charge additional effective fees or completely restrict the use of over the top (OTT) VOIP applications

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