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Voith helped Nine Dragons Paper Machine 18 start up at a world record speed

China Guangdong Nine Dragons Paper Machine 18 was recently successfully started up in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. The whole paper production line produced high-quality corrugated core paper with a ration of 100 g/m2 at a speed of 1210 M/min. At this speed, when the data is bent and the force value fluctuates up and down, the signal changes in such a way. When the annual export of SEBS products was 6364 tons, it also set a world record for the production of this kind of paper machine

18 paper machine is 7.28m wide and can produce corrugated core paper with a ration of 75~110 g/m2. The design speed is 1800 m/min and the design daily output is about 1250 tons. Its design completely follows Voith's mature concept of the same platform, including the Duoformer base pinch former and the duocentrinipcoflex shoe press. In addition, the drying section is a single row drying cylinder type, equipped with sizing press and airturn air drying. The Sirius winder can provide a winding operation with a maximum reel diameter of 4.5 meters. Therefore, the No. 18 paper machine is equipped with the most efficient equipment required to produce high-quality packaging paper

in addition to papermaking equipment, Voith Paper's departments also provide important support in other aspects. The automation organization provides a complete set of automation services, including paper machine control system, quality control system, hydraulic system and pneumatic system. Voith paper fabric is the main blanket supplier for all parts of the No. 18 paper machine in view of the huge utilization of new materials, and undertakes all blanket supply during startup. Voith blankets are mainly manufactured in Kunshan, China and Ipoh, Malaysia. In addition, Voith Paper China plant is also responsible for providing the whole drying department

the supply scope of voith paper also includes the slurry flow system, multi-directional engineering services, installation, startup and optimization guidance

Nine Dragons Paper (Holdings) Co., Ltd. is one of the largest packaging paper manufacturers in the world. At present, the company imported 179 extruders in Dongguan and Taicang in October, and a total of 16 paper machines in both places were put into operation. As of the end of January 2008, the total capacity was 7.75 million tons. It is estimated that the total annual output of the company will reach 10million tons in 2009

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